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If you are a start up or early stage business with a focus on the consumer and market information industry and are looking for partnerships to develop a market for your products in the emerging markets, click here to contact us.

If you are a market information company in emerging markets and would like to develop new age digital products in your market, click here to contact us.

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Key People

John Abraham has been part of the market information industry for over 25 years. He started his own Market Research company in India and after successfully selling the business to a global multi-national remained involved in building and managing the business in India, China and across the Asia Pacific.

As the Strategy Director of a London based multinational he led the process which brought new capabilities (new digital techniques as well as more traditional approaches) into the business through a combination of acquisitions, partnerships and organic development. 

Robin West  has over 25 years experience in finance including audit in London and Paris, and senior finance roles in industry and is a Chartered Accountant

While working for a major UK based multi-national Market Research group he was a key player in teams negotiating and concluding several acquisitions and their integration into the group. In addition to normal finance roles he was also responsible for evaluating and tracking investments in new business streams or potential new products.