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If you are a start up or early stage business with a focus on the consumer and market information industry and are looking for partnerships to develop a market for your products in the emerging markets, click here to contact us.

If you are a market information company in emerging markets and would like to develop new age digital products in your market, click here to contact us.

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Building a new force in Digital Market Research

ReWhyer invests in early stage and start-up businesses with a focus on Market Information.

•ReWhyer aims to become a major force in market research, and in particular business information and insights

•Technology is forcing change in market research and ReWhyer is identifying and investing in businesses and product ideas which can play a major role in this changing industry. In particular, it is investing in new and existing technologies with scope for rapid growth in the larger emerging markets

•ReWhyer also invests in more developed markets if it adds value to the emerging markets strategy.

•Rewhyer is building a network of local selling companies for these products by investing with existing local players

•Potential clients are multi-nationals and innovative local companies