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If you are a start up or early stage business with a focus on the consumer and market information industry and are looking for partnerships to develop a market for your products in the emerging markets, click here to contact us.

If you are a market information company in emerging markets and would like to develop new age digital products in your market, click here to contact us.

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Technology/Product Investments

1. Crayon Works Ltd 

We mine insights from the most influential segment of customers – opinionators – and then combine it with information that is already publicly available to understand trends before they hit the mainstream consumer. Crayon Works has 3 products....

  • SoapBox - We mine insights from a social community of opinionators that interact with each other in a digital environment.
  • ReSource - A library of information collated from a variety of sources that captures professional and consumer perspectives 
  •                  - with additional cultural and 'real life' perspectives of each country obtained through a network of 'spotters'.
  • Hunch - Uses crowd sourcing to develop and identify interesting products.


Country Investments


Stake in MARKETVISTAS, a custom market research company working with major Indian and foreign multinationals.

China, Middle East, UK, US, Australia

Discussions in progress with  local market research companies.